How to Check if a Neelam or Blue Sapphire Stone is Real or Fake?

Blue sapphire, a stone associated with celestial planet Saturn, is a gem of a high rank. Authenticity of this gem is as crucial as the effects it has on a human.

In today’s world, we have seen things getting faked so easily. Be it an attitude, a food item, clothes, money or emotions. Since gems create a human weakness or sometimes an utter need to find happiness, faking or creating false gems found its way too.

Since the gems and other crystals are dug from the mines, they are bound to have inclusions i.e. some irregularities of it as well as some foreign particles. Here are some pointers which will help a person to get familiar with the real stones and can differentiate the original from the fake.

1) The real gems are never processed or cured in heat. They are only cut and polished for commercial use. On the other hand, the synthetic or the fake stones are always treated in heat to get them condensed so that the color tone shows off well.

2) If looked very closely, the natural sapphire contains a lot of impurities, such as thread-like things, or foreign particles like sand or small microscopic pieces of other stones.

3) Even air bubbles are engraved deep in the gemstones.

4) These impurities hamper the passage of light through the stone.

5) However, even the synthetic blue sapphires are not worthless unlike the fake stones of other gems. That is the sole reason; people do buy the synthetic one to adorn on their body as an ornament. The fake ones look wise are much better in showing off.

6) One of a widely performed test done to identify whether the gem is real or not, is to exhale the breath on the stone while keeping it very close to the mouth. One can notice that the fog that is layered up on the stone gets evaporated within one second. It does not take more than 1-2 seconds for the fog to evaporate whereas in the fake stone, it takes almost 5 seconds for the fog to evaporate.

7) Another way to identify the real stone is to get it qualified by the reputed and registered gemologist.

8) The fake gems go through rigorous heat process during which some air bubbles are left within the gem. They are usually in a clustered form. These can be seen in a microscope from any particular angle only whereas in the original gems the air bubbles are diffusely present invariably.

9) The real gems do not easily get scratched. But the fake ones do because they are mostly made of either glass or plastic. They real gems do not break or get worn off easily whereas the fake ones might chip off or crack in long term use.

10) The real blue sapphire emits a beautiful blue light when kept in a dark room and a single source of light when focused on it whereas the fake ones emit the light of the source of light that is being focused on it and not its original blue light.

This way there are some of the methods by which one can one can buy an authentic and tangible gem to get the value of their money and benefit by the its powers fetched from the incorporeal world.


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