How to Wear a Neelam or Blue Sapphire Stone?

Here, I am going to share How to Wear a Blue Sapphire Stone or Neelam gemstone? Read out here for full wearing guide, procedure and mantra to wear a neelam gemstone.

Since the humanity is into existence, the gemstones are prevalent. Our nature provides us with everything we need. The tiny glittering gemstones are a part of nature that has been bestowed upon us to help us become a better human beings and to mitigate our sufferings.

Talking of such a stone i.e. Blue Sapphire, is a gem that has helped humans to direct their lives in a humongous way. But at the same time it has proved disastrous too in certain ways. To avoid such circumstances one should know how to wear it and when to wear it.

1) For reasons known best to the astrologers, one should always and always ask him whether to wear the gem or not. He should assure that the Saturn (planet representing the Blue Sapphire) is ill-placed in one’s horoscope and oneneed to wear the gem, then and only then one should take its possession.

2) An astrologer will only tell which shape and which size of a blue sapphire should be worn. Usually minimum of 1-2 carats gem is worn. The more the size and carats of the gem, the more its power is released. Best results are obtained by wearing a blue sapphire of 5 carats.

3) Sapphire not only ensures physical and mental health of a being but also helps in gelation of the torn relationships, be it a relationship with spouse or with parents.

4) A person who wears this stone finds smoothness’ and appeasement in his mental temperament. To really benefit for all these miraculous changes in one’s life, the sapphire bought should be of a good quality and very authentic.

5) For this gem to work perfectly, it is rimmed between panchdhatu i.e. gold, silver,copper, zinc and iron in the ring form.

6) People also get it rimmed between gold and silver.

7) The blue sapphire ring should ideally be worn after the sun sets and the stars seem to get visible i.e. during the evening on any Saturday.

8) There are some compulsory rituals that should be performed before wearing it.

9) The ring should be bought on Saturday morning and should be kept in copper bowl filled with Ganga Jal. It is meant to purify the gem. Alternatively one can also make a mixture of curd, honey, milkwhich is not boiled and some ghee.

10) Before wearing it, the gem has to be bidden off all the negative energy that has been collected within the stone while mining, processing and polishing it and till the time it was with the jeweler.

11) While it is said that there should be no inclusions in the gem, so that there is nohindrance in the energy flow. But then the opposite is true too. Because these irregular gas bubbles and inclusions assure that the gem is an original and that these inclusions were not introduced in the gem, but they were included while the stone was being formed millions of years back.

12) However, an original gem has so much power to receive energy from the planet Saturn, that these impurities are neglected in the process.

13) When a person wears this gem, he forms an aura around him by which he is secured of all the external forces and influences of negative energies.

14) Before wearing it, one must sit on the black aasan,in a west facing direction,clean the ring water that was previously put into a sacred mixture of ghee, honey and milk and chant the mantra as follows: "Om Shani Shanischaryaynamah" for 108 times.

15) The gem should be worn in the middle finger and the ring should rim in the gold or silver rim such that it should touch the skin.

16) The importance of this Shani Mantra is that it is the most powerful mantra to relieve people in their adverse situations i.e. a time period which is known as saadesaati(71/2). This is the time when a person comes under the influence of Lord Saturn. But everyone doesn’t go through such a time. It all depends on one’s karmas. Though one can get grace in his penance if he recites this mantra regularly and religiously.


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